I am a freelance multimedia producer with 10+ years of international experience.
1488377125832-img_2777photo credit: Vice Germany

Originally I hail from Adana, a city on the Mediterranean region of  Turkey. From 2006 on, I have lived in several different countries and was based a few years in Istanbul until I moved to Germany in 2015.

Human-driven stories have been at the forefront of my work. While major policy decisions drive the news agenda, the human consequences of those policy decisions are what drive my work.

Since 2010, my work has made me a part of international media teams as I’ve been covering stories from the Middle East, South East Asia, and Europe.  My background is not just confined to news, I create multi-media content for different mediums in addition to having experience with TV and Film Production, in all stages of production.

Meanwhile, I coordinate and produce inter-disciplinary Cultural Events, on a transnational level, addressing different audiences on a grassroots level, in very diverse spaces, in different countries.

Currently, I am based and working as self-employed in Berlin while still being enrolled Gender and Diversity Program with a focus of diasporas, new social movements, and grassroots practices in Rhein-Waal University in the West of Germany.

I am the co-founder of  Kopuntu* collective and the chief editor of the non-profit online multimedia magazine reaching thousands of people every month which publishes about migration, gender, identity, environment, and diaspora culture.

I have professional multi-camera filming equipment and a post-production suite, I have many talented freelancers in my network for diverse cross-disciplinary needs and demands and I am available for assignments both in Germany and overseas.

References available upon request and further details on Linkedin.